Monday, March 19, 2012

Mile High is Flying High

Denver Broncos--Invesco Field at Mile High: Denver, COLORADO - Sports Authority Field at Mile High
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Mile High is flying high after the Peyton Manning sweepstakes ended today with Manning picking the Denver Broncos as his choice of teams to suit up with in 2012. The move seems to be a good fit for Manning and the Broncos.

Yes, I thought that Tennessee would win the big prize. I thought that San Francisco was the best fit for Manning but Denver is also a good fit for the future first ballot hall of famer. Denver has a couple pieces of the puzzle to work out before the 2012 season gets going but they have a good nucleus of players.

If Peyton recovers from his neck issues, the AFC better watch out and Denver would be the favorite to win the West. Rivers got his wish and will be competing against the Broncos for a playoff birth next season. Rivers should have been careful for what he wished for. Denver is a better team with a better coach and management. Now they have one of the best quarterbacks (QBs) in the game, directing the offense.

Fans in Denver have to be excited. For the most part they probably are. They're sure to have an empty feeling, knowing that Tim Tebow will likely not be on the Broncos roster next season. Denver fans love Tebow but landing Manning should soothe their pain. For the first time in years, the Bronocs have a legitimate shot at going deep into the playoffs.

The fit might be a good for both sides but one member of the Broncos seems to be the odd man out. Tim Tebow who led the Broncos to the playoffs and a first round win over the Pittsburgh Steelers is likely to be traded.

I think Tebow has potential and it would be nice if Denver could workout the restructuring of Tebow's contract. The problem for John Elway and the Broncos is that they have a couple of holes to fill and keeping Tebow might not work to their advantage in strengthening the team.

Sportmentary is also not sure if Manning wants to be a mentor to Tebow but there isn't a better quarterback for Tebow to learn his craft from. Tebow would be a much better QB in three to five years of observing and learning from the great quarterback.

Denver should seriously consider the option of having both QBs on their roster. They would have Manning who gives them an immediate chance of making a serious run at the Super Bowl and also have their future quarterback honing his craft.

With that said. Peyton Manning might have demanded that Tebow be traded. Maybe Manning doesn't want the distraction of Tebowmania and the circus that surrounds it. Manning is a focused guy who likes to do things his way and its worked for him.

John Elway probably wants to rid himself of the headaches that Tebow presented to him. Now he has a legitimate excuse of getting rid of the guy. Elway probably feels relieved and thinks it's a blessing that Manning picked his team.

Regardless of their pain, Broncos fans will head into the 2012 season with positive expectations for the first time in a while. They have to be flying as high as mile high right now.

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