Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Magic Johnson to the Rescue

Magic Johnson is best known for his heroics on the court for the Los Angeles Lakers. Magic has come to the rescue of the Los Angeles Dodgers and will continue to be a hero in the minds of Dodgers and sports fans in Los Angeles. A group led by Magic Johnson has come to the rescue of the Dodgers by purchasing the team from Frank McCourt for two billion dollars.

Former Professional Basketball Player Magic Johnson
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McCourt was a terrible owner. He didn't seem concerned about Dodgers fans or the product he put on the field. McCourt was also embroiled in controversy. MLB tried to get him out of the game due to his alleged looting of the team. League owners are supposed to have a fiduciary duty to their teams and run their teams in a financially sound manner.

McCourt was going bankrupt and involved in an ongoing divorce settlement. This makes the allegations against him seem probable. All the allegations against McCourt and the fact that the Dodger fan base dwindled due to their disgust over how he ran the team, makes the news that Magic will now run the show, seem like music to the ears of Dodger fans.

Magic's reputation is impeccable. He's loved and respected. Magic is a winner and has the desire to win. Sportmentary believes Magic's desire to win will give the club instant credibility with baseball fans in Los Angeles and Major League Baseball.

While Magic is not the controlling owner (That honor goes to Mark Walter), there's no doubt he will have a hand in the management of the team. Magic will go to work to build a winner. He's not going to wait until the end of the season or future seasons to field a winning team. I believe he will set out to build a winner now.

You can expect to see great attendance at Dodger stadium this year. Fans will be excited and will  believe that the Dodgers will return to their glory days. Sportmentary believes they will return to glory. I'm a big Magic fan and look for him to put his stamp of success on the team.

The other thing that Magic brings to the table and one that many sports fans forget, is the fact that Magic is a successful businessman. Magic will bring that success to a franchise that is need of being run the right way.

Magic is the hero of Los Angeles once again and he has come to the rescue of the franchise and their fans. This rescue was needed and I'm sure Los Angeles will sleep well tonight and for many nights to come.

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