Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Madness Has Begun

The madness has begun and the season's biggest tournament, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. The road to the final four just got off to a wild and crazy start. Four teams took to the court on Tuesday night for a chance to be part of the 64 team tournament that begins on Thursday.

The first match-up between Western Kentucky and Mississippi Valley came down to the wire. Down by 16, Western Kentucky University came back to win 59-58. If that left you shaking your head and telling yourself that this is crazy, you hadn't seen anything yet.

In the second match-up, BYU erased a 25 point deficit by defeating Iona 72-78. Iona players and their fans have to think that this was a dream and the loss never happened. They have to be in total shock. When I saw both of the leads in tonight's games, I thought to myself that I hope the leading teams don't think they have it in the bag. The NCAA tournament is notorious for lead changes and complete madness.

Sportmentary loves the tournament because of games like these. I love that teams can find a way to win, even when down by a lot of points. Teams seem to go on streaks during the game. One minute they're down by 10 or 15 points and the next moment they're battling for a victory. This makes the tournament extremely exciting to watch.

I also like the one game elimination of he tournament. Every round is dramatic. A top seeded team can be ousted by a lower ranked team and find themselves out of the tournament early. You never know which team is going to get on a roll. Every year underdog teams knock off favorites. It's so dramatic.

I think sports fans love the tournament because of the drama and that underdogs can find a way to upset the big dogs. They also love the fact that all an underdog needs is one big game and they can make history. The top seeded teams need to have ice in their veins. They need to be able to block out the nerves and keep everything together. One slip up and their season is over. Even if they had a great regular season.

Unlike the NBA which places top teams in a multi-game playoff, each round of the tournament is a one game elimination. There's no coming back the next night to make amends for a poor game. What other sporting event has this much drama?

I'm not a huge basketball fan but March Madness keeps me captivated and glued to my television set. I look forward to the drama and the crazy games that are sure to unfold. On Tuesday night the tournament got off to a great start. Games that didn't seem dramatic or in reach for a couple of teams, turned around in a heart beat and proved to be exciting affairs.

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