Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Time To Take Out That Fork That Was Stuck Into Tiger

Sportmentary thinks that it might be time to take out that fork that was stuck into Tiger Woods a couple of years ago. The majority of so called experts had written off Tiger Woods but not Sportmentary. If you want evidence of how I felt, check out his article written by me last August.

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2012 has seen Tiger Woods improve his golf game with each tournament. Today, Tiger shot an eight under par at the Honda Classic to claim second spot. This has to rank as Tiger's strongest tournaments in the last couple of years and arguably the best day of golf in recent memory by the Golf Titan.

I think it's safe to say that Tiger is on the rise and his competitors better watch out. He's got a chip on his shoulder and wants to prove every naysayer wrong. With every month that goes by that Tiger improves, he is proving idiots like Greg Norman wrong. Greg Norman had said that Tiger Wood wouldn't win another major PGA tournament. He also said that Tiger shouldn't have been picked for the President's Cup.

Greg Norman was one of many dirtbags who made idiotic comments. In Norman's case, he's a washed up has-been who was an underachiever as far as Major PGA tournaments is concerned. Norman choked away a number of chances at winning a major and only won two majors in his career. The fact that I actually care what Norman said, might make you think that it almost makes me as dumb as him.

The point is that I want that clown to be proven Wong. I'm not sure why he cares to even open his mouth and talk trash against Tiger Woods. Before a divert to far from the topic at hand, it's time to get back to Tiger Woods.

Tiger finished second today and has fought for top placement in a couple of tournaments this year. I think Tiger is starting to get into the swing of things. No pun intended here. The one aspect that Tiger seemed to improve on today was his putting. Tiger even shot two eagles at the Honda Classic's final round.

I'm glad the naysayers and experts were writing Woods off. They've done it before and he's rebounded. It looks like all the negativity surrounding Tiger has backfired and he's trying to prove these people wrong. It would be great to see him put together a string of major victories. I also want to see him break the PGA record for major victories set by Jack Nicklaus. This might be tough to accomplish but it would add some excitement to the PGA.

For now Sportmentary is happy to see Tiger make improvements in his game. I'm happy that he's become competitive again and it's definitely time for his detractors to take out the knife that they stuck into him.

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