Friday, March 23, 2012

Introducing Face-Off and The Comish

I would like to welcome The Comish to The Comish is not only a long-time friend of mine but also has a passion for sports. He's a huge Winnipeg Jets fan and a Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan. You may have already noticed his Winnipeg Jets updates. He's the site's Winnipeg corresponded and we're excited to have him.

Sportmentary is working out details of having The Comish writing our Winnipeg Blue Bombers update. For now, you can enjoy his Jets updates and his face-off participation.

That's right, I said Face-Off. Face-Off is the newest addition to Sportmentary. Each week, we will tackle a popular sports story and provide our take on it. Each week, we will rotate who is the protagonist and the the other party will try to rip the protagonist's argument to shreds.

This week's Face-Off has been published and it asks the question of which story was the biggest this week; Peyton signing with the Broncos or the penalties leveled against the Saints. Sportmentary took the role as protagonist. Please vote for who you think won the debate (Voting poll is located at the end of the argument).

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