Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gophers Crushed in Losers Final

I call the NIT tournament, the tournament of losers. These are teams that aren't good enough to play in the big boys tournament. Tonight proved that the Gophers weren't good enough to win the losers title. They were crushed by Stanford 75-51.

Minnesotans have been looking for teams to lift their spirits. The Gophers women's hockey team provided them with a spark by winning the national championship. Lately, Minnesotans have been able to look to their women's teams, for championships.

Gophers fans have another prayer in the Men's hockey teams as they are in the NCAA frozen four tournament. They have a decent shot at winning the whole thing.

Then you have the Men's basketball team. These boys have been underachieving for a few years now under the tutelage of Tubby Smith. Gophers fans, who were hanging on to any chance of success, were mesmerized by the Gophers N IT appearance. Excitement in the Twin Cities has been ridiculous as fans were clinging to the hope of a championship.

Some radio personalities, jokingly said it was better for the basketball team to go far or even win the NIT then receive an appearance in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament and lose in the first round. Sportmentary thinks that's a load of bunk.

You want your team to play with the big boys. You want them to receive the experience of playing in the big games. You want recruits to see that your program is a winner and receives NCAA Basketball Tournament bids. Who cares about the NIT. It's for losers.

So the Gophers played well and they should receive some credit for that. Tubby is probably safe for another year. His superiors will congratulate him and the team for a wonderful season. I say, who cares? You got blasted in the NIT finals. Your boys still didn't show up to play In a so called big game. What does that say about the program?

Future recruits will look at this team as a team that got blown out in the losers tournament. Why would they want to come here? For a chance to play in the NIT next year? I don't think so.

It's time for the Gophers to think big. It's time for them to act like winners. It's time for them to receive a bid in the big boys tournament and not some second rate invitational of second rate losing schools. Until the University of Minnesota starts thinking big and taking it personally that they're not receiving a bid to the NCAA Men's Tournament, they will not be taken seriously and they will continue to play with other losers in a second rate tournament.

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