Friday, March 30, 2012

Females Who Rape Boys Are Still Rapists!

Sarah Jones who is a Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader and until recently, an area school teacher has been charged with having sex with one of her students. I've been reading blog comments and many people are brushing off what she did and actually saying that her student should be happy about having sex with her, because she is "hot".

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Before I go any further, I need to say one thing. Anyone who has sex with a minor is a rapist. It doesn't matter if that person is a man or a woman. Females who rape boys are rapists and should not receive the sympathy of the public.

The blog comments that I saw, went as far as to say that if it were their boys, they would give them a high five. So what if it was one of your girls and they were raped by a male teacher? Are you going to give your girl a high five, if the male teacher was hot or would you want to beat the snot out of the monster? I'm guessing most parents would want to rough the guy up.

Blog comment posters were downplaying the rape, because the alleged rapist is a very attractive woman. What if she wasn't attractive? Then it would be rape? The logic of these idiots is concerning. It's ridiculous and it saddens me that there are people in our society that feel this way.

Men and boys who are victims of sex crimes have a hard time dealing with the crimes committed against them, especially if their abuser is female. They fear being stigmatized if they come forward. They feel that their friends might think that they were crazy for being upset about it. They might fear that their fathers would be ashamed of them for crying rape, since a hotty raped them. This sis sick and disgusting. It's a double standard and it must stop now.

We need to provide as much support as we can to all victims of rape, no matter who the abuser is. Before you try and poke holes in my argument, I'm not saying that if an 18 year old man or woman has sex with their 17 year old girlfriend or boyfriend, that it's rape. I'm saying that in cases where a person of power and authority abuses that power and has sex with a minor, then it's rape.

The reason is that these people are very influential. They're also in  position where they are dealing with impressionable young people. We as parents and as a society need to feel comfortable that we are sending our children to school to be educated and not raped.

I hope that this pig receives the maximum sentence provided by law. We can't tolerate this garbage anymore and it doesn't matter if the criminal is male or female, attractive or unattractive. If the animal committed the crime, they should suffer the consequences of their actions.

If she is found guilty and the judge punishes here to the maximum sentence, it would send the right message to young boys that our society cares about them and that their perpetrators will be punished. Maybe more victims will come forward and their abusers will be punished.

A severe punishment would also send a message to potential abusers that it's not right to abuse boys. It would send the message that our society condemns their actions!

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