Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Dumb Just Got Dumber

Yes Folks, Our Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. "I'd rather be cycling" Rybak and the Vikings, just took one step backwards and became dumber. I didn't think it was possible for a bunch of clowns to be downgraded to idiots. That's not meant as an offense to real clowns. At least they're entertaining.

A new Vikings stadium was just announced today stated that the Vikings will be seaking to bring an MLS (Major League Soccer) team to the new stadium. These clowns also stated that the new stadium would consist of a fixed roof and seat 65,000 people.

A Fixed roof? Are you kidding me? These guys are clueless. Both FIFA (International Soccer's governing body) and the MLS require grass surfaces for their games. The only way for this to occur with a stadium in Minnesota would be to have a retractable roof. Only complete and utter jack asses wouldn't do their homework on this one.

So they're going to be selling the public on a glorified Metrodome when fans want a retractable dome? These guys should crawl back into their Cracker Jack boxes. Seriously. There's no place for a new football facility that doesn't have a retractable roof.

The other brainwave by these guys is that they claim that a vote or what I call a feeling out or vetting out process hasn't been done to guage how Minnesota representatives feel about the proposal. I'm not sure I believe this. You would think that educated and realistic men would have an idea of their chances in the Minnesota legislature before unveiling a new stadium proposal.

I'm in favor of a new stadium. I'm in favor of using public funds, especially since the Vikings will be coming up with over 50% of the price tag. What I'm not in favor of is a plan that is less than perfect. These guys have had almost one year to figure this thing out and they keep on tripping over themselves with stupid plan after stupid plan.

I hope that in 15 years we don't see another attempt at receiving public funds because the stadium these guys  want to build doesn't live up to the expectations of the NFL. The Metrodom sucks and it doesn't look like these guys want to build a facility that is much better. Sham on them!

I also hope for the sake of Vikings fans that these guys figure it out soon. This has been a painful process to watch and it seems as if the dumb just keep getting dumber!

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