Monday, March 12, 2012

Dallas and Washington Penalized for Following the Rules

Sportmentary is not a fan of the Dallas Cowboys or Washington Redskins but I find myself needing to defend them in the wake of a miscarriage of NFL justice. Roger Goodell penalized both teams for front loading contracts and taking advantage of a non-cap year in 2010.

In cap years, both teams would have broken NFL rules but no cap rules were in effect during 2010. So you would think no foul, no problem, right? Not when it comes to Roger "The Dictator" Goodell and his henchmen, the other NFL owners who were too stupid to use the non-cap year to their advantage.

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Jerry Jones (owner of the Dallas Cowboys) and Daniel Snyder (owner of the Washington Redskins) are despised by many NFL fans and other team owners because Snyder and Jones have a boat load of money and aren't afraid to pay obscene salaries to lure players to their teams.

Goodell and NFL ownership somehow feel that there was an unwritten or silent cap. Sportmentary disagrees with these dictators. Dictators are known for being lawless and making up the rules as they go along. That means no one knows what the rules are and what to expect. As an NFL fan, I feel that way.

I believe rules are meant to be followed. When there aren't any rules for a perceived infraction. I don't think you can penalize the so called wrongdoer. In my mind, Dallas and Washington did nothing wrong. All they did was outsmart the rest of the field. It's like Jones and Snyder graduated from Harvard and the rest of the field graduated from buy me a degree dot com. You're penalizing someone for working hard and outsmarting their competition.

Goodell has been a stickler for fining or suspending players who don't follow the rules. He wants to instill a culture within the NFL that players must follow rules. When they don't he slams them. How can Goodell be taken seriously by NFL players when he's handing out penalties to rule followers.

There needs to be a clear line where rules are written into the rule book. All parties need to know what the rules are. Even though other NFL owners pushed for these penalties, to even the playing field, they've clouded the rules. They have confused everyone. Now everyone thinks you can be fined for breaking and following the rules

It's clear that inferior owners were angry they were outsmarted by Snyder and Jones and decided to even the playing field. Roger Goodell caved in to the pressure of these incompetent ding dongs and has turned the NFL into a lawless league of a dictator commissioner and thug owners.

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