Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Canadian Judge Slaps Fleury's Sexual Assault Abuser on the Wrist

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A Canadian judge has basically laughed in the faces of every sexual abuse victim in Canadian history, including former hockey star, Theo Fleury. The monster they call Graham James sexually preyed on Fleury when he was the player's coach. Another victim was also named in the case.

James previously pled guilty to sexually abusing Sheldon Kennedy and others. This is a sickening sentence. It was a joke and how could any future rapist take this sentence seriously? It sends the message that you can diddle, fondle and prey on a minor and the athletes you coach and Canadian judges will only give you a slap on the wrist.

Since this wasn't the first accusation against James, he should have received the six years that the crown attorney (Federal Prosecutor) had asked for. Not that the sentence would have been enough but at least it would have been significantly more than the two year laughable sentence that the rapist loving judge handed out.

How can this judge sleep at night? She's a monster and a joke and must be removed from presiding over future cases. Judges are supposed to send a message to the most violent and morally reprehensible criminals. This judge didn't send a positive message. She basically is supporting sick individuals. She's their mascot and ring leader.

Theo Fleury's struggles have been well documented. He's battled substance abuse, depression and other issues that victims of sex abuse crimes suffer. Fleury and other victims lost many years of their young lives. They spend their adult lives trying to come to terms with being victims of this sick crime. The victims in this case didn't receive justice or proper closure.

The judge basically sent the victims this message: Who cares about the trauma you suffered. This court feels you deserve no justice.

Fortunaley sane and good human beings feel differently. Sportmentary hopes that inmates being housed with James will be a pain in his ass. I mean that literally. I hope his two years in prison is unbearable and he receives true justice while imprisoned. I hope when he's released from jail, he's received physical and mental scars that are permanent.

I also hope that the judge in this case receives judgement form Canadian authorities. That judgement should be that the judge is removed from the bench and also publicly humiliated. She's a worthless piece of dog feces. This sick judge slapped a horrible and violent criminal on the wrist and she should be ashamed at her actions.

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