Thursday, March 8, 2012

Auburn Player Accused of Point-Shaving

Auburn University, Head
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Auburn basketball player Varez Ward is being investigated by the FBI for point-shaving. The player was suspended for the last three games of the season after fellow players voiced their concern about the possibility of illegal activity by the player.

If this allegation is true, it makes me just want to hurl. What is this guy thinking? He's leads his team in points and possibly has a bright future ahead of him and this is how he acts? This is disrespectful to his teammates and the university. If it's true he's nothing but a low life criminal.

Sportmentary will wait for the final judgement to be handed out but if he's found guilty of this behavior he must be suspended for life by the NCAA and receive a jail sentence. There's no place for cheating in sports and violators must pay a price for that type of behavior.

Auburn University seems to be having issues with rules violators by its atheletes but this activity is criminal in nature. I know it's easy to criticize the university and I want to be careful here but is there an issue with the way recruiters examine their potential recruits?

I know it's impossible to know everything about a recruit but maybe it's time for universities to do a better job with their recruitment practices. Auburn isn't alone here but a point-shaving scandal is one of the worst violations in my opinion. If this is true, Ward took it into his own hands to shave points and determine the outcome of games. He didn't do it by competing, he did it by cheating.

The criminal justice system and the Auburn University need to make an example of Ward if he is indeed guilty. They need to show future players that this type of activity will not be tolerated. This guy needs to be ridiculed if he's found to be guilty.

If he's guilty, he should cooperate with Federal officials. The window for cooperation is extremely narrow. If a person is found to have violated federal law after an investigation has been conducted by the FBI, they will go for the jugular. The feds have a ton of resources at their disposal and will use them if an accused criminal doesn't cooperate.

Bottom line, Sportmentary is sick of alleged cheating is sports that have been made public lately. It's time that we as fans say enough is enough.

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