Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Are the New York Jets Questioning Mark Sanchez's Leadership?

ESPN is reporting that negotiations between the New York Jets and the Denver Broncos regarding Tim Tebow is intensifying. The idea is that he could help mend the fractured New York Jets locker room and also provide the Jets with the ability of running a Wildcat offense and improve the team's running game.

What does this say about their faith in Mark Sanchez? It's hard to say, since they did recently extend the mediocre quarterback's contract. That just about solidifies Sanchez as the starter. I do think they want some real competition for Sanchez, to try and see how he deals with the pressure,

I do think the team questions Sanchez's leadership. The Mark of a good quarterback is being the team's leader on the and off the field. The quarterback is the leader of the team and needs to have a strong locker room presence. His teammates need to have faith in their quarterback and there's evidence that this isn't the case.

If I were the Jets, I wouldn't only be questioning Sanchez's leadership skills; I would be questioning his quarterback skills well. His body of work is terrible. He's not even an average quarterback. He's a mediocre one. He's not the guy I would want leading my team. He doesn't have the skills and his leadership in the locker room is even worse.

Bringing in Tebow would show New York Jets fans that hey have serious questions about their current quarterback. I think Sanchez would have a hard time with the move and make him question the team's faith in him. I'm sure that's not what Sanchez expected. He was riding high after his contract extension, thinking he was the man. That might be changing very soon.

If Tebow were to go to the Big Apple, Mark Sanchez would probably win the starting job, at least for now. The problem is that it's quite possible that the team's real leader will be Tebow. He's a good guy. He's a humble guy and he doesn't shy away from pressure.

This should make Jets fans really happy. Most of them don't have much faith in Sanchez and having someone who can emerge as the team's leader will be welcomed by the team's fan base. There is no doubt in Sportmentary's mind that Tebow would be the more popular player. Sanchez, the team's starter would play second fiddle to Tebow.

When I first read the story, I thought the Jets might be insane but for Tim Tebow, it could be his best opportunity of being a starting quarterback again. Sanchez is sure to fail. He sucks and can't handle the pressure. His ego is greater than his skills. Tebow would be there to fill in for the dethroned Sanchez.

So are the New York Jets questioning Mark Sanchez's leadership? They should be but they should also be questioning his ability.

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