Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wes Welker Isn't to Blame for Patriots Loss

Let's get this straight.  Wes Welker of the New England Patriots isn't to blame for his team's loss in the Super Bowl.  With a little over four minutes left in Super Bowl XLVI, Welker dropped a pass by Tom Brady.  Some members of the media and many Patriots fans have launched attacks at Welker, blaming him for the loss.

You can't blame a loss on one player.  There's more than one play that occurred last Sunday.  I usually  don't believe that you can blame one  play for a team's loss.  It's not like Welker turned over the ball deep in New England's side of the field.  The patriots still had a chance to win the game after that play.

The Patriots defense could have done its job and prevented the New York Giants from scoring on a late drive with time running down.  If the defence stops the Giants who started a scoring drive from their fifteen yard line, we wouldn't be talking about Wes Welker and his dropped pass.

Then there's the fact that Wes Welker wasn't the only Patriot receiver who dropped passes in the game.  You can turn to the Patriots final drive and see a couple of dropped passes by receivers  Why don't the same pople who blame Welker blame those players for the loss?  They're just as much to blame for the Patriots loss.  Those same receivers are usually reliable.

Should we blame Tom Brady for the loss?  I don't think so, since I think he had a good game.  If the people who blame Welker for the loss use the same scrutiny on Brady, they could also blame him for the loss as well.  On the very first offensive play of the game, Tom Brady who's offense was pinned deep in their zone, threw a pass away while being pressured.  He was flagged for intentional grounding and that resulted in a safety.  Those were the first two pints of Super Bowl XLVI.

After kicking the ball away, the Giants took the field with good field position.  Eli Manning took advantage of the good field position and the Giants scored a touchdown.  Is that Brady's fault for the Patriots falling behind 9-0 early?  Of course not.  The Patriots defense could have prevented the Giants from scoring a touchdown.

Maybe we can give some credit to Eli Manning and the Giants offense for taking advantage of the situation.  That would be quite a concept wouldn't it?  So we see that one play doesn't win games.  It's a culmination of events and a team taking advantage of their opportunities.

Sportmetnary wants to take you back to the Welker dropepd pass.  If Welker bashers were all honest with themselves, they would say that wasn't Tom Brady's best pass.  Welker had to twist his body to attempt to catch the pass.  Welker was wide open on the play.  Why didn't Brady throw a better pass?  He's done much better throughout his career but was off on that play.  So do I blame Brady for the loss?  Of course not.

Tom Brady missed some opportunities and was innacurate on a few plays. doesn't blame him for the loss.  The Super Bowl was a close affair and both teams played well.  The Patriots just fell short.  One thing I'm certain about is that Wes Welker isn't the reason why the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl.  The sooner that Patriots fans come to terms with that, the sooner they can learn to deal with this loss.

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