Saturday, February 18, 2012

Watching a Minnesota Wild Game is Like Having Your Teeth Pulled

Watching a Minnesota Wild game is like having your teeth pulled. It's painful and you have very little to show for it. That's exactly how watching today's Wild game against the St. Louis Blues felt. It was painful, excruciating and a complete waste of my time.

Entering today's game against the Blues, the Wild were on a six game losing streak. If things looked like they were bad, I hadn't seen anything yet. The Wild lacked a sense of urgency. They showed no emotion on the ice and their effort was lacking. The Wild lost 4-0 and didn't even put up a fight in this contest.

Sportmentary could see this coming. The Wild scored 3 goals in a loss to the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday night, which is a scoring streak for the club. That's about a 3 game total for the club, so we can expect some yawners from the boys in the next couple games. The Wild's losing streak now stands at seven games.

The Wild play the Boston Bruins on Sunday afternoon during Hockey Day in America to be televised by NBC. The Bruins are coming off a loss to the the Winnipeg Jets on Friday. The Bruins were dominated by the Jets and didn't play well.  Look for the Bruins to make up for that game and slaughter the Wild on national television.

There's nothing that provides me with confidence that the Wild can turn things around on Sunday. There's something wrong with the team. They lack energy and drive. Coach Mike Yeo has done everything to motivate his club and is now out of answers. The team and their fans will have to ride this thing out but I don't think it will end well.

Currently the team is six points behind the Los Angeles Kings for the eighth and final playoff spot in the NHL's Western Conference. Realistically it will take about 92 to 94 points to make the playoffs. That means that Minnesota has to win at least 17 out of their next 24. I don't think it's possible for the team to win 67% of their remaining games. They've gone 5/28 since December 13th, so the possibility that they can miraculously make the playoffs, seems highly unlikely.

If watching the Wild play lately feels like you've just had your teeth pulled, then you will feel like you've had 28 root canals by the end of the season. I know teams can turn things around but I've been saying the same thing for the past two months. Minnesota has been doing only one thing in the past two months and that's losing.

Wild fans shouldn't worry too much. They have next season to look forward to. Why should this season be any different from previous seasons? The team has embraced losing and they have the inability to put the puck in the net.

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