Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tiquan Underwood is a Model NFL Player

Tiquan Underwood was cut from the Super Bowl roster by the New England Patriots on the eve of Super Bowl XLVI (  The move was made to make room for another player that the team believes will fit into their game plan.  Most players of Underwood's generation would be up in arms and throwing a fit.

So how did Underwood react?  He went on Twitter and wished his team well.  He didn't directly speak with the media, because he didn't want to detract from his former team and he issued a statement wishing the team and his teammates well ( feels that Underwood's actions are exemplary and unselfish.  It's amazing that a player who was cut from the roster on the eve of the Super Bowl, would react in a respectful manner.  Every player dreams of playing in the biggest game of the year.  While Underwood was a marginal player, it had to hurt that he was so close to taking the field in Indianapolis.
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Underwood's actions should be followed by other NFL players and professional sports athletes.  Sportmentary almost fell of his chair when he read how Underwood reacted.  The guy has a good head on his shoulders.  Hopefully he will get another chance with another team.  This is the type of guy who I would want in my locker room.  He's the type of guy that really embraces the team first philosophy.

If Underwood can become a producer on the field then he will be a complete player.  Imagine a player with talent and character.  You don't see that every day.  In fact, you rarely see this type of reaction following one of the greatest disappointments in a player's career.

The reaction by Tiquan Underwood following being cut on the Eve of Super Bowl XLVI was refreshing.  Sportmentary has renewed hope that character players can be part of the game.  Underwood is a model NFL player and I wish him all the best in his career.

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