Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sportmentary is Offended by Roddy White's Comments

Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White is offended at the salary that Roger Goodell will make at the end of his current contract (he will be paid 20 million dollars through 2018). Mr. White, Sportmentary is offended at your comments.

I'm offended that a dumb-ass like white has the the audacity to publicly criticize a league that over pays him.  In 2009 Roddy signed a 50 million dollar, six year extension with the Atlanta Falcons.  Roddy makes over eight million dollars for catching a damn ball.  Now that's obnoxious and this clown hasn't even won a Super Bowl!

I don't believe that Roddy and most of his fellow players have what it takes to run a league like the NFL. Sure they're great athletes but for most of them it ends there and in the case of Roddy White, he's to busy taking to Twitter to criticize the commissioner (In a league in which he makes over eight million dollars). Maybe he should do something constructive instead of acting like a clown.

I wonder if Mr. White is aware that the NFL recently renewed TV rights deals with CBS, Fox and NBC for 28 billion dollars over nine years and ESPN for 15.2 billion over eight years. Those are record contracts and that will bring the NFL over 43 billion, count 'em Roddy, 43 billion dollars over nine years.

If that wasn't enough for Roddy "Are You Still Doing the Math" White, Goodell  helped negotiate a 10 year labor deal. That's another record. I wonder if White was instrumental in negotiating the labor contract or was he too busy fooling around on Twitter? If White actually wants to do finger exercises, he should try tiddly winks, instead of embarrassing himself and his team. At least his tiddly winks exercises wouldn't be seen by millions.

The owners of the NFL believe that Goodell is worth 20 million dollars. They obviously believe that the 1981 economics graduate is worth every penny of his contract. I also believe that Goodell deserves every penny of his salary (Even though I've harshly criticized him in the past). You don't have to be a former professional player to be in charge of the NFL but I think having a degree in economics sure helps.

Does Roddy have what it takes to run the league? Not a chance. Allegedly, White was known as partyer during the early part of his career and almost went bankrupt shortly after signing his seven million dollar rookie contract.  Roddy, that's some awesome money management skills.  It's just what the NFL needs to run a multi-billion dollar league.

Roddy is a good player but his comments on Twitter are offensive to people who think logically and don't shoot off their dumb mouth.  Sportmentary thinks that Roddy should stick to catching footballs and leave the management of the NFL to someone who knows how to handle the finances of a big organization. I doubt that Goodell will bankrupt the league.

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