Monday, February 20, 2012

Rajon Rondo Should Have Been Suspended For One Year

Boston Celtics player, Rajon "I'm Full of Rage" Rondo should have been suspended for 84 consecutive regular season games for throwing a ball at a referee on Sunday. I watched the video of the incident and you could tell this lunatic was full of rage.

Rondo was upset because a foul wasn't called by referees officiating the game between the Celtics and the Detroit Pistons. Rajon has to receive treatment for being a bonehead. He's not the only player whose had a non-call or bad call go against them. I don't think "The Rage" deserves to play in the NBA.

Rajon received a two game suspension from the NBA but that is a joke and doesn't send the right message. How can anyone take the the NBA seriously if they don't hand out tough penalties? In addition to suspending "The Rage" for 84 games without pay, the NBA should have also fined him an additional $2,000,000.

Rajon Rondo 2011-12 ActionI think Rondo would have taken that type of penalty seriously. There's something terribly wrong when a player tries to injure an official. Sure they sometimes make bad calls but they're not doing it on purpose. They're trying to do their jobs and they should feel safe doing so.

The NBA has now sent a message to their officials that they can expect to be injured if they make a bad call. This is a disgusting message and Sportmantary is incensed. The NBA is becoming a joke that includes thug players.

Boston Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers didn't help the situation. He basically said that Rondo's emotions got the best of him and that happens in games.Rivers also seemed to blame the referee for not making a call on what Doc Rivers calls a "pretty bad foul". Doc Rivers should be ashamed of himself. He should have responded by telling the NBA community and its fans that Rondo's actions were disgusting and unforgivable.

Doc Rivers needs to sit his team down and tell them that he will not tolerate barbaric acts by his players. Celtics management must also tell Rivers that future incidents like this will result in him being fined. They should tell Rivers that they're ashamed, embarrassed and angry that he took the matter lightly.

Sportmentary believes that the NBA needs to start getting tough with players who try to injure referees or other players. Sportmentary believes that an 84 game suspension against Rajon Rondo would have been appropriate!

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