Monday, February 13, 2012

Prosecutors Sandusky'd by Judge

Today, a judge Sandusky'd the Prosecutors in the Jerry Sandusky case by ruling against them on a number of requests ( The term Sandusky'd as it refers to this commentary means: When common sense, morality and decency are overwhelmed by evil. Jerry Sandusky is charged with over 50 counts of sexual abuse against minors.

Sandusky got off to a good start a few weeks back when he was granted home confinement. If it were me or you charged with 50 counts of sexually abuse against minors, we would be rotting in jail until trial. While I know that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, the seriousness of the charges against Sandusky and the alleged evil he's accused of, should have dictated that a decent judge, a decent and moral human being would have confined him to jail.

Then today brought even more surprises and evil from the courtroom. Judge John Cleland ruled against prosecutors who had asked for stricter home confinement for Sandusky. They had asked that he be confined to the interior of the home. According to reports, Sandusky spends time on his porch that overlooks a school. Teachers complained when they noticed Sandusky sitting on his porch during recess hours.

In another ruling, the judge also ruled against prosecutors who had asked that outside jurors be brought in for the trial. It sure looks like this judge is trying to stack the deck against prosecutors. I'm truly sickened by the decisions handed down by this judge. I sure hope he can look his family in their eyes this evening.

If that weren't enough, Sandusky had requested that he be allowed visitation with his grandchildren. That request was granted. Are you kidding me? This evil human being is being granted freedoms that most of us wouldn't be. While Sandusky is presumed innocent, that doesn't mean that he be allowed home confinement and the freedoms that come with it. He should be locked up in jail!

Has Judge Cleleand  been Sandusky'd? It sure looks like it. It looks like the evil that Sandusky brought into the courtroom has caused this judge to go crazy and embrace evil.  Good and decent people would err on the side of caution when it came to the public's safety and the protection of children

Penn State and area authorities failed to protect the community in the past, when allegations of Sandusky's sexual abuse of children were first brought up. Today, Judge John Cleland has become part of the evil surrounding Sandusky.

Why would a judge allow Sandusky to have the freedoms he requested? The only answer Sportmentary can come up with is that this judge is a scumbag and evil man. Does this judge sympathize with pedophiles? Who knows? The community should be up in arms about Cleland's decisions.

The prosecution must feel like they're fighting an uphill battle that months ago seemed like a slam dunk. Today they were definitely Sandusky'd and dealt a strong blow against their requests. I only hope that their evidence is iron clad and that they will prevail in the end. Let's hope that the future is a positive one for justice, morality, common sense and the fight against evil (Sandusky).

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