Thursday, February 2, 2012

Peyton Manning 2.0?

According to ESPN, two of Manning's doctors have medically cleared him to resume his NFL career.  His prognosis looks promising to these doctors.  So are we about to embark on Peyton Manning 2.0? believes so.

It's been a blast watching Manning play during his career and he has to be regarded in the top 10 QBs of all time. actually rates him higher than his brother Eli Manning, regardless if the Giants win this Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI.

Why would we rate him higher than his brother?  That's a no brainer.  Look at his career as a whole.  His numbers are staggering and it towers over his brother.  Peyton's accuracy has been better.  He's been more consistent and been a winner for many more years than little bro.  No one ever questioned prior to 2011 if Peyton has what it takes to be a winner.  Eli on the other hand as had some great moments and some putrid and laughable moments.

So will Peyton 2.0 be a winner and return in 2012.  Sportmentary believes he will be a winner and make his next team an instant playoff contender.  I also believe that he will return in 2012 but I believe that he will be playing for another team.  Too much damage has already been done to the the relationship between Peyton and the new Colts.

If Peyton returned, it would be to a team that he's unfamiliar with.  His support and relationship network has been gutted and why not start with a new team that has existing pieces to take Peyton Manning deep into the playoffs.

Jiim Irsay said in November that Peyton would return if he could play.  I believe that was said because Irsay believed that Manning would not be able to return.  Now he's faced with paying Peyton 28 million dollars if he keeps him.  The Colts have already stated that they will take Andrew Luck with the #1 pick in this years NFL draft.    
Luck won't come cheap and it doesn't make economical sense to keep Peyton who's at the end of his career.    

Now that Sportmentary has answered both the 2.0 and 2012 questions, which team is the best fit for Peyton Manning?  Let's eliminate two teams:
The New York Jets - I don't think this would be a good fit.  Head Coach Rex Ryan is a foul mouthed clown and I think Peyton would butt heads with the guy.  The locker room is also volatile and it won't be fixed immediately.

The Miami Dolphins - The Dolphins still have to put more pieces together to become a playoff contender.  Matt Flynn is in the open market and that would make more sense for a team that is building for the future.  While Peyton could groom Flynn, Sportmentary believes that he would want to start right away and not wait a year or two until Peyton retires.

So let's look at two teams that have the best chance of landing Peyton:
The Washington Redskins -  The team has a Super Bowl winning head coach in Mike Shanahan and an owner willing to spend money to put a winner on the field.  That being said, Washington is still a couple of years away from making the playoffs in my mind.

San Francisco 49ers - While they do have Alex Smith as their QB, I'm sure they would jump at the chance of landing a future hall of fame QB.  Jim Harbaugh did an amazing job turning around the club this year.  All he needs to do is work on his immaturity and poor losing attitude.
The 49ers have all the other pieces to win and make it to the big game.  Don't forget they almost won the NFC title game.  This is the best fit in my mind.

The 2012 NFL season is going to be a fun one. believes that Peyton Manning will resume his career and that Peyton Manning 2.0 will be a winner but for another team.

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