Friday, February 3, 2012

Peyton Ball XLVI

This year's Super Bowl should be called Peyton Ball XLVI.  With the biggest game of the season on the line and what people are considering one of the most anticipated match-ups in decades, the focus this week has been on Peyton Manning and the Colts.

While the Peyton Manning saga is big news, it could have taken a break until after Super Bowl XLVI.  As a fan, I want to focus on the game and only the game.  I'm eagerly waiting for the kickoff on Sunday.  On paper, this contest matches two equal contenders.

Sportmentary is sick of the Peyton coverage but we have been guilty of the Peyton coverage as well.  This is the second Peyton posting this week.  So I should throw myself under the bus as well.  I guess Sportmentary has added to the Peyton Ball as well.
Peyton Manning

All kidding aside, it's a shame that Super Bowl XLVI isn't the biggest story hitting the sporting world this week.  By all accounts Indianapolis is putting on quite the show.  Yes there are the Gronk stories.  There stories comparing Eli to his big brother and there are stories comparing the legacy of Brady to Eli.  If Eli this then Eli that.  If Eli wins, he's a sure bet for the HOF.  Is Eli better than Brady?  These were the great stories during Super Bowl week.
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One thing is certain, those stories were few and far between.  They are overshadowed  by Peyton Bowl XLVI.  We shouldn't be too surprised.  We were warned in the weeks preceding Super Bowl week that the Peyton story would take center stage.
So in the spirit of Peyton week, will end this posting with our little tribute to Super Bowl XLVI (Below).

The Patriots may be favored in the odds but they will take the field as underdogs in most fans eyes.  The Giants have been acting like they've won the game before taking the field.  They have been talking like champions.  the Patriots on the other hand have gone on with their business all week long.

Sportmentary believes this contest is too close to call and will not issue a prediction.  We do hope for a Patriot victory.  Tom Brady is one of the greatest QBs in history.  He's won 3 Super Bowls and this is his 5ht appearance.  Comparing Eli Manning to him is a joke.  Even if Eli wins the title game, he will be one short of King Brady.

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