Saturday, February 4, 2012

NFL Hall of Fame Media Panel Members Lack Common Sense

A panel of 44 incompetent  NFL Hall of Fame (HOF) media panel members have neglected to vote Cris Carter and Bill Parcels to this year's class of NFL Hall of Fame Inductees.  In my mind this panel lacks common sense.  Omitting Bill Parcels and Cris Carter is an embarrassment to sports and the NFL.

Bill Parcels took his teams to 3 Super Bowls, winning two with the New York Giants.  He made the Giants a winner.  He made the Patriots a winner, taking them to the Super Bowl and leading the Patriots to greatness.  He also made the Jets an instant winner.  No one can argue that Parcels is one of the greatest coaches of his era.  For years prior to his retirement, Parcels was coveted by teams looking to make their teams a winner.    Not electing Parcels into the HOF is a joke and a shame.  The NFL Hall of Fame panel blew this one.

Cris Carter is a top 4 all time NFL receiver.  Carter ranks 4th all time in receptions, ranks 4th in career touch Downs and 8th in career reception yardage.  By deciding not to vote Cris Carter to the HOF, the baboons who neglected to vote Cris Carter into the HOF should be barred from taking part in the panel in the future.  Cris Carter should have been a sure bet to be inducted into the HOF and the NFL has a lot of explaining to do.
Going into today, I thought Carter was a no brainer and I was hoping that Chris Doleman would be elected.  Doleman is deserving of being voted into the HOF.  I just didn't envision that Carter would be left out.  I didn't envision that Bill Parcels would be left out.

I think when you compare Parcels and Carter to the other inductees, you have to shake your head that they were snubbed.  I think it's fair to argue that the NFL Hall of Fame panel lacks common sense.  I think the panel is a joke.  Who was on the panel?  Was it the Looney Toons?  maybe it was the Flintstones.  It sure sounds as if this panel are from the Stone Age.

The votes by individual panel members are private and I'm sure the NFL is happy about that.  As a fan I sure want to know which clowns voted not to induct Parcels and Carter to the Hall of fame.  I sure want to know which clueless panel members lack common sense.  I think the NFL owes it to their fans to explain this garbage.

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