Saturday, February 11, 2012

The New York Giants: A Team Worth Hating

Until a couple of weeks ago I was a fan of the New York Giants, especially after they beat the Green Bay Packers in the divisional playoff game.  Now I believe that the New York Giants are a team worth hating.  Sportmentary now lists the Giants as one of his most hated teams in sports (Green Bay packers, New York Yankees, Vancouver Canucks and New York Jets top the list).

In the week leading up to Super Bowl XLVI, New York Giants players were making statements as if they had won the game and they also talked negatively about some of their opponents.  Sportmentary believes that true greatness comes with class and dignity.  There's a way professional athletes should carry themselves and the giants are a team that makes you want to hurl.

The night before the Super Bowl, the Giants website had posted a victory page claiming the Giants had won Super Bowl XLVI.  Prior to the big game, Giants players were telling their fans to plan for the victory parade. There were other comments that made me and probably others sick to their stomach.

Giants players are graceless. They're annoying and classless. They're a disgusting bunch. They make me sick. It's too bad. They had a good run and played great football. It's too bad that I'm talking about their lack of class instead of their good play.
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In the week following the Super Bowl, New York Giants players have made a number of negative comments towards the Patriots. Their were negative comments about Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen (An apology later followed). While criticism might have been warranted, it's not up to the New York giants to degrade another player's wife. I'm not willing to list every player and every comment prior to to the Super Bowl and after but it's time that Giants players start acting like professionals. I know that might be hard because they're a bunch of classless clowns.

If this bravado and commenting on other players isn't enough, Pro football Zone is reporting that Ahmad Bradshaw says the cowboys will not win a Super bowl with Tony Romo. I know the Cowboys are a rival team but Romo is a colleague and a fellow player. Do the players of the New York Giants have any class?

It's one thing to be celebrate a Super Bowl victory, it's quite another to run down other players in the NFL. New York Giants players are in need of a reality check and a some character. It's sad to see that the winning team of this Super Bowl are being poor winners. They're disgusting and pathetic.

My wish now is that the success of the New York Giants comes to a thundering end. I hope they become a winless organization. I wish all current New York Giants players have terrible careers going forward. I hope they become a joke in the NFL and an embarrassment to New York City. Hopefully that will shut them up.

Given the actions by the New York Giants the past few weeks, they are definitely a team worth hating!

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