Monday, February 6, 2012

Kevin Love Should Have Been Suspended for an Entire NBA Season

Since signing an 3 year contract extension with the Minnesota Timberwolves, star Kevin Love looks like he has mental health issues.  He needs time to seek out professional health or he may become a train wreck.  If he continues down this path he may seriously injure another player or himslef. is reporting that Kevin Love has been suspended for two games by the NBA following an incident where he stomped on the face of Houston Rockets player Louis Scola.  That was a despicable and barbaric act and Love should have been suspended for entire NBA season. (At least 82 games and playoffs). 

The NBA needs to set an example that actions like this will not be tolerated.  Hit Love where it hurts and counts the most.  In the pocket book.  Losing a whole year would provide Love enough time to deal with his issues.  It's clear to that something is wrong.  After signing his new deal, Love went on a rant after the Timberwolves were manhandled by the Indiana Pacers.  Love called into the question the Pacers physicality.  The funny thing is that Indiana played a very physical game and made the Timberwolves look like wimps on the court.

Sportmentary has no idea what's going on with Love.  This latest incident is ridiculous.  I have no idea why he would stomp on the face of an opposing player.  It's a brutal act.  It shows me that the must have anger control issues.  Something's not right with Love.  The team and Love need to address his issues now.

Sportmentary thinks that the Timberowlves might have been onto something when they would only sign Love to a 3 year contract extension.  Wolves fans, including Sportmentary were angered by it and thought the team should have signed him to a 5 year deal.  I hate giving credit to the Timberwolves management, since they are clueless but in this case they might have lucked out.

If Love continues to act like a thug and put his team in trouble, his value will decline.  They will hold the cards if that happens.  The team is losing it's top player for two games.  The team is fighting for the final playoff spot and can't afford for Love to miss games for stupid incidents.  It would be one thing if he was injured but stomping on another player's face?  Love has really hurt his team by his actions and his suspension.

Love's actions have changed my mind about him.  Unless he changes course, Sportmentary will think of him as a thug.  Kevin Love needs to change his behavior now!  The NBA shouldn't have waited and while a two game suspension is something, it doesn't go nearly as far as it should have.  Love should have been suspended for an entire NBA season.

Update:  After writing this post, I read about people who claimed it was an accident what Love did.  After viewing the video at Yahoo Sports, not only was the face stomping a deliberate and brutal act but the foul that preceded it was terrible.  The whole incident is a horrible display of the lack of professionalism and sportsmanship on the part of Kevin Love.

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