Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jordan Jefferson Blames Poor Game Plan for Loss in BCS Championship

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, who was the starting quarterback in the BCS National Championship Game, now blames the game plan (and obviously his coaches) for the reason the team lost the game and was the only team in championship history to be shutout (

Watching Jefferson play the title game, you would have thought he had smoked ganja prior to the start of the championship.  Jefferson was awful and the big mistake Les Miles made was keeping Jefferson in the game past the mid-point of the 3rd quarter.

Jefferson needs to look in the mirror before placing blame. The guy was terrible and should shoulder most of the blame for his team's poor showing. In fact, that was the worst performance by any offense in a national title game. Blaming Miles and the coaching staff is selfish, immature and plain wrong.  In fact, Jefferson's comments are sheer lunacy.

Heading into the title game LSU was the #1 ranked team and many thought they would win the championship.  LSU only lost one game all year, going 11-1.  I didn't here Jefferson complain about the game plans in those games.  The fact that Jefferson embarrassed himself and his team in front of millions of people is his fault and not Les Miles.
Teams have gone into title games with poor game plans but how many of them had to wait until mod way through the 4th quarter to pass the 50 yard line?  I'm not sure there have been any.  Jefferson threw for a little over 50 yards in the game.

Jefferson's performance was putrid.  I do give a lot of credit to Alabama for having a great defense.  I think Alabama would have wont hat game, even if Jefferson had played better.  Their defense was too much to handle.

Jefferson is an immature man.  He needs to grow up and the first step in becoming a good quarterback and being a leader is taking responsibility.  He also needs to stop being a thug and stop getting into trouble with the law.  Maybe he wants to blame Les Miles for his off the field troubles as well.

Right now Sportmentary views Jefferson as a punk and immature young man.  He's got a lot to learn and is far away from becoming a leader on the field.

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