Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is Terrell Owens a Victim?

Pro Football Zone is reporting that Terrell Owens (T.O.)  is blaming the media for Vilifying him. He claims that his being shunned by other NFL teams is due to the media blowing his outbursts out of proportion. Owens also claims he was a good teammate.

I thought T.O. had a knee injury and not a brain injury. We shouldn't be that surprised that the man I call Terribly Obnoxious would blame the media for his shortcomings and poor attitude with his teammates. Owens seems to forget that he criticized Donovan McNabb for losing the 2004 Super Bowl. Is that what a good teammate does?

No it isn't. Lets look at an example of how teammates treat a player. Baltimore Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff badly missed a very makeable field goal attempt that would have tied the game against the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship. Cundiff's teammates came to his support and defense. That's what teammates do. T.O. would have thrown this guy under a bus.

After Philadelphia, T.O. moved on to the Dallas Cowboys, where his stay didn't last too long. Why?  Because this big mouth got into a locker room spat with Tony Romo and Jason Witten. While I won't go into all the details about that event, it's clear that T.O. wasn't the teammate that he now claims to have been.  T.O. was a cancer to the first few teams he played on. It's a shame because he was very talented receiver who could have become one of the greatest if he had a better attitude.

Sportmentary wouldn't be doing T.O. justice if I didn't mention his time with the San Francisco 49ers. By most accounts it seems as though T.O was a quiet guy during the Steve Young era. That changed when Garcia took the helm as the team's quarterback. Then T.O. not only criticized Garcia but many other teammates.  Is that being a good teammate? No it isn't.

After T.O. was released by the Cowboys, the sporting world thought the end might be near for Owens. It was clear that Owens needed a complete shift in behavior. Owens had stints with Buffalo and then Cincinnati before a knee injury seems to have ended his career.

By all accounts, T.O. was quiet and didn't get involved in altercations with teammates in his last couple of seasons. The problem is that his career was near the end. T.O. wasn't picked up by any team for the 2011 season. It's believed that his knee injury is a big part of that but the fact that his reputation as being a disruption to previous teams and teammates had to weigh in as well. Why would any team take a chance on a player comming off an injury at age 48, who also has terrible reputation with previous teams?

So is T.O. a victim and is the media to blame for his tarnished reputation? I think the facts are clear that Terrell Owens has himself to blame. T.O. was a disruptive and poor teammate who threw his fellow teammates under the bus when he had the opportunity to do so.

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