Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is Golf on the Minds of Minnesota Wild Players?

After watching some Minnesota Wild games of late, I'm left asking my self this question; Is golf on the minds of Minnesota Wild Players?  It sure seems that way. The Wild are playing a poor brand of hockey and there doesn't seem to be a lot of motivation on their part.

Head Coach Mike Yeo has run out of options to motivate his team. In recent weeks, Yeo has been publicly criticizing his team for what he perceives as a lack of effort. When a coach criticizes his players, he's flirting with trouble. It might be OK to do it once but when you do it multiple times, there's a real danger that you will lose your locker room.

If we look at Minnesota's poor play since his public tongue lashing's, it's clear that the team is no longer motivated by his approach. We can blame him all we want and he will most likely be the fall guy but it's up to the players do their jobs as well.

Now back to the golf on the players minds issue. The Wild are second last in goals scored in the NHL this season. The team has netted 126 goals this season (2.25 goals per game). Only the Los Angeles Kings have scored less goals (124) but they sit in seventh spot in the conference standings.

The low scoring games the Wild are producing, makes me think that the players have golf on their minds and are thinking about low scores. It seems as if the players are looking towards April and the rounds of golf they will be able to take in.

It's annoying to watch Wild games these days. Even when their goaltending is good, the team can't find a way to score more than a goal or two. Heck, a two goal night seems like the team has gone on a scoring streak. I'd like the Wild to think of playing in the NBA, where teams score 80, 90 and even 100 points per game. Then maybe they could score three or even four goals a game.  It looks like the Wild players are thinking about playing golf and that's having an effect on their ability to play the game of hockey.

At this time, I think Wild players are probably better at playing golf than playing NHL caliber hockey. When it comes time to hit the greens, Wild players will be off to a good start. The low scoring output on the ice might transfer to low scores on the golf course as well.

While Minnesota has had their share of injuries and a league leading amount of roster changes, there's no excuse for the team's poor showing the past two months. Whether there are other distractions on their mind, like golf, that's keeping the team from producing is a matter of speculation. Of course I'm just poking fun here but this team is need of wins and leadership on the ice.

The Wild need to put together a string of games and try to compete for a playoff spot. Minnesota sports fans are eager to see a winning product from their sports teams. Wild fans are desperate for their team to reach the playoffs. Year after year, Wild fans have been enjoying the same post-season activities as their favorite players. Those activities include watching the NHL playoffs on TV and taking is some golf if the weather permits.

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