Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Wish Gronkowski Would Have Kept His Pie Hole Shut

Rob Gronkowski defended his post Super Bowl celebratory dance (which was a loss), saying he was just celebrating with friends and family that he hadn't seen for a long time. I wish he would have kept his pie hole shut.

Rob Gronkowski 2011 ActionI was hoping not to write about this topic again. I was hoping that Gronkowski would have learned from the incident and if he had to open his pie hole, it would be to apologize or say something constructive. Instead this immature door knob defended his actions.

Rob Gronkowski was ineffective during the Super Bowl. Many observers believed it was due to his ankle injury. That seemed to be the case on the last play of the game, when Gronkoski was a few feet away from making a miraculous game winning catch in Super Bowl XLVI. If only the big guy would have dived for the ball but he was too hurt to do so, right?

I'm not saying he should have made the catch but watching him get down on the dance floor as if he had no injury, made me think twice. Gronkowski didn't look hurt. How well could he have played if he would have put as much effort into playing football in the Super Bowl and making an effort to catch a game winning touchdown? In reality not much better, since he was hurt but he will be questioned for years to come.

Had Grownkowski acted with maturity and if he had not defended his poor actions, he wouldn't be opening himself up to Sportmentary's  criticism. I understand he wanted to have some fun with friends and family but his team had lost the Super Bowl. Tom Brady didn't go out dancing. Tom Brady was deflated by the loss and was in no mood to celebrate.

Gronkoski is immature and has a lot to learn. He's a young guy and I'm sure he'll realize one day that his actions made him look bad. I'm sure the New England Patriots expect more from him.

Patriots fans will expect more from him, in the years to come. I hope one day he will realize what a clown he looked like and that it reflected poorly on his team and teammates. Maybe one day he will apologize to his fans and his team for his actions following Super Bowl XLVI.

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