Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Hatred Directed Towards Kris Humphries is Ridiculous

Sportmentary believes the hatred directed towards Kris Humphries is ridiculous and borders on insanity. The New Jersey Nets star is the most hated NBA player and is booed everywhere he plays. Fans seem to be angry at his failed 72 day marriage to Kim Kardashian and they feel the marriage was a sham to make money.

I don't understand why the hatred is being directed at Humphries. While the NBA star might not be the brightest bulb in the room, I believe he had good intentions and took his marriage vows seriously. He never really seemed comfortable with the publicity that the Kardashians garner.

New Jersey Nets v Dallas Mavericks: Kris Humphries and Shawn MarionAre the fans blaming Kris because he innocently married a low life witch who's famous for doing absolutely nonthing? Kim Kardashian has no talent and I'm confused at why she's making millions of dollars as a celebrity. She also seems void of any morals or ethics.

If people want to get mad at someone, direct it at the Kardashians. Stop buying their products. Stop watching their shows. Stop buying into their phony image. Everything this gutless family does is staged and void of true reality.

I'm not sure why people even care about this failed wedding and the Kardashians. I've known for years that these people are fakes. I chose not to watch their show, read articles about them or watch anything related to their wedding. I knew it was fake all along. I can't understand why anyone would care, now that they found out what this degenerate family is all about.

As stated above, I believe Kris Humphries fell in love with Kardashian but was swallowed up by the family and couldn't see that he was a pawn in a dirty game of reality TV. I believe every moment of their relationship, engagement and eventual marriage was staged by the Kardashian clan and their dictator mother, Kris "I'm the She Devil" Jenner.

Humphries is having his best season and this should be a joyful time. He should also be enjoying married life. Instead, Kris is having to face the hatred that is being directed at him every night. I'm not saying the guy's a saint but he doesn't deserve the hatred either.

Next time you're at a game in which Kris Humphries is playing in and you have an urge to boo the guy, take a step back and consider that you're directing your anger at the wrong person. The public should boycott the Kardashians. This would be a better use of their time and energy.


  1. I couldn't agree more about kardashian. although humphries is an idiot. it's hard to get mad at seeing an egotistical, self obsessed prick getting booed

  2. True, he's not the brightest bulb on the court but there are lot more NBA players who are bigger nut jobs!


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