Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eli Manning is the True MVP of the NFL

Regardless of the regular season, Eli Manning is the true MVP of the NFL for the 2011 season.  Eli Manning showed us all that he's a winner.  He now has to be considered a real candidate as a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Eli Manning not only won Super Bowl XLVI but also won his second Super Bowl on Sunday night.  Eli Manning has to go down as one of the greatest 4th quarterbacks in NFL history.  Eli Manning led his team to victory late in the 4th quarter all season and in the Super Bowl.

Regardless of the season Aaron Rogers had, it was only in the regular season.  Eli Manning destroyed Aaron Rogers at Lambeau field in the divisional playoff game.  He led his team  in the NFC Championship game.  He played well in the 4th quarter of the NFC title game as well.

Eli Manning played his best football when it mattered most this season.  With about 4 games remaining in the season, Eli came to life and led his team to the playoffs.  Once in the playoffs, Eli was unbeatable.  It didn't matter if teams knocked him to the turf or sacked him time and time again.  He brushed himself off and then took it to opposing teams defences.

If you think it doesn't matter that Eli plays his best football in the 4th quarter, you're nuts.  That's when a quarterback has to shine and Eli Manning is one of the greatest clutch players in NFL history.  He's a two time Super Bowl champion and a two time Super Bowl MVP.  That's what matters most.

Do you think Aaron Rogers would rather win the regular season NFL MVP award or win a Super Bowl?  How about winning a Super Bowl MVP award.  Eli Manning did something that Brett Favre never did.  He did something, his brother Peyton hasn't done yet.  He's won two Super Bowls and still has about half his career left ahead of him.  Who knows what he can do in the next five to 7 seasons but it's quite possible he'll win more championships.

I went into this game wanting the Patriots to win.  While I'm a little upset about the outcome, the game was great and Eli Manning changed my impression about him.  The guy is the best quarterback in the NFL right now.  It doesn't matter about statistics or how many regular season games he won compared to Drew Brees and Aaron Rogers.  What matters most is that he won when it counted and played great in the playoffs.

For those of you who need statistics to prove how well Eli Manning played in the Super Bowl, here you go (Stats provided by
30-40 (75% completion percentage) for 296 yards, 1 TD, no Interceptions and passer rating of 103.8.
What's remarkable is how manning won.  He won with everything on the line.  He handled that pressure by leading a game winning drive in the 4th quarter.

How did Aaron Rogers do in the Super Bowl?  Oh, he didn't play in the game.  Eli is a winner and his numbers in 2012 speak volumes about the great quarterback he is.  Eli Manning is the true MVP of the 2011 NFL season!

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