Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Culture and Passion When it Comes To Sports in North America

After reading articles on a number of major sports websites today about the tragedy following an Egyptian soccer match, Sportmentary turned to the comments that followed those articles.  The comments by a number of international citizens shocked and annoyed Sportmentary.

The basic premise of a number of posters was that North Americans don't understand the violence in soccer matches.  It seems that the violence that is part of many soccer matches from England to Germany, from Johannesburg to Cairo is part of the culture.  It seems that we just can't understand that the sport of soccer is such a part of their culture that violence erupts.  Apparently soccer is in their blood.  In their culture.

What a bunch of nonsense.  Americans have sports in their culture.  They couple that with passion and common sense and in the end you have entertaining and passionate sporting events.  Sportmentary is Canadian and has a passion for hockey.  No one can tell me that hockey isn't a part of Canada's culture.  No one can say that just because Canadians are civilized and don't murder each other at sporting events that the sport isn't part of our culture or in our blood.

I'll take America's passion for their sports any day.  I'll take the fact that 99% of sporting events in America doesn't end in violence and death.  If that means that sports isn't in our culture that's OK, although I strongly disagree,  So if my international friends want to call Americans and Canadians passionate but not that it's not in our culture then so be it.

I don't think that violence needs to be present in our sporting events for it to be a cultural event.  I think that's uncivilized and barbaric.  We might as well turn the clock back to ancient Greece and take part in the sporting events of that era.  I think Americans and Canadians are a little more civilized than that.

I would like to think that most Englishman feel the same way but if they don't, they can keep their hooliganism, barbaric violence and killing to their sporting events.  I'll take our passion any day of the week.  One thing I know is that North Americans love sports.  Canadian hockey fans are among the most loyal and passionate.  Hockey is in Canada's culture but they act civilly.  Americans love their baseball and football.  It's part of their culture and their passion.

In the end, North Americans are passionate about their sports and it's part of their culture.  Their culture just doesn't comprehend and tolerate the barbaric violence that occurs at sporting events in other countries.
Sportmentary believes that sports in America is both cultural and passionate!

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