Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Best North American Sports League

For today's article I'm doing something I've wanted to do for a while. I'm going to provide my opinion on which sports league, Sportmentary likes the most. Fire away at me if you don't like my listing.

#4) National Basketball Association (NBA) - I think the NBA is boring and there's usually no reason to turn on a game until the last three minutes. That's when a game gets exciting. Until that time, it's pretty much a back and forth effort.

The other thing that annoys me is that the NBA has re-written basketball''s rule for travelling. NBA superstars now can take about 150 feet before being called for travelling. This is an attempt to make the game more exciting. If you have to butcher a a game and its rules to maker it exciting, you've lost me. Sportmentarty rarely watches an NBA game.

#3 Major League Baseball (MLB) - Unless I'm watching a Minnesota Twins game, I don't tune into a MLB game until World Series. I think the atmosphere for this league's title is pretty good.

The problem with MLB is that it plays too many games. Every team plays 162 games, so an individual game means very little. The game can also be boring as it seems to drag on and on and there's very little action.

MLB does  have drama. At any moment, a batter can get a home run and that makes the MLB pretty exciting. Imagine that your team is down by 2 runs in the bottom of the ninth inning and there's 2 outs, with a batter on first base. If the next batter gets a home run, the game is instantly tied. That's great drama and great TV.

#2) National Football League (NFL) - The NFL is a very exciting game and unlike the other three league's, every game can immediately determine a team's ability to make the playoffs. NFL teams only play 16 games, so if a team gets off to a slow start, like losing its first four games, there's little likelihood that the team will be able to make the playoffs.

An NFL game has many dramatic plays; from an interception for a touchdown, to a long bomb for a touchdown, to a quarterback sack and on and on it goes!

The one drawback about the NFL is that the action is not continuous and there's many stoppages along the way. All in all, the NFL is pretty exciting.

The NFL playoffs are alos exciting as ache playoff game is a one game elimination. that adds a lot of drama to the sport. The NFL playoffs are extremely exciting.

#1) National Hockey League (NHL) - To me this is by far the most exciting professional sport. I think it doesn't receive it's fair share in the ratings because a majority of Americans are accustomed to boring sports with little action. They also have a very tough time following a black puck on white ice. Ok, I'm just poking a little fun here.
The Boston Bruins Celebrate Winning Game 7 of the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Finals
Hockey has few stoppages of play and the action is quick and furious. NHL players are also exremely physical and you see a lot of hitting along the boards and in open play. Then there's the fact that goalies have to make incredible saves from 100 MPH shots fired at them from only a few feet away.

I think if you actually compared all the major sports and looked which sport has the most action (playing time), the NHL would win hands down.

Then there's the NHL playoffs. The team that wins the cup has gone through a grueling affair. The NHL playoffs are the most physical and draining. The entertainment value of the NHL playoffs is amazing. There's nothing like a game seven and deciding game of a playoff series being decided in sudden death Over Time.

The only drawback to the NHL in my opinion is that sometimes you go to a game and a boxing match breaks out. While some people like fighting in hockey, I think it detracts from the game and makes it bush league. It's hard to take a sport seriously when fighting is accepted and promoted.

North Americans have some great sports leagues to choose from but when it comes down to it, the NFL and NHL are the most exciting. While these two leagues excitement value are pretty close, the fact that the NHL's action is a non-stop affair, makes the NHL Sprotmentary's pick as the best league in North America.

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