Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Best Divers in Sports decided to do take a light-hearted approach to this commentary. I will be choosing the best divers in sports and it's not what you think. It actually came down to a tie between two accomplished divers. They're great at the art of diving but unfortunately they're great divers in a sport that isn't swimming related. They're great divers in the National Hockey League (NHL) and they play for the Vancouver Canucks, where the art of diving is encouraged.

Daniel Sedin 2010 Studio PlusHenrik and Daniel Sedin are the best divers in the world of sports.  These two guys make hockey look like a diving competition and they are a disgrace to the sport. Sportmentary does not feel that they respect the tradition of the sport. I think the Sendins believe they're playing soccer.

At least when it comes to soccer, I've come to expect gutless play.Soccer players are accustomed to flopping down to ground as if they've been shot by a bazooka. Hockey fans, especially in Canada loathe idiots who flop to the ground in an attempt to draw a penalty. In fact, a few years back the NHL implemented a penalty for diving after a new wave of players were diving all over the ice.

The reason that the Sedins are the best divers in sports is that they get away with diving. In last year's Stanley Cup playoffs, the Sedins seemed to be on the ice after diving more than they were skating around the ice. Many times, the on ice officials failed to notice that they were diving. At times it was ridiculous, since the Sedins were diving in an attempt to draw a penalty and the nearest opposing player was at least 5 yards away from the divers.

Sportmentary wishes he could choose an outright winner for best Diver in the world but these two brothers are equally talented.  I think if they decided to focus on hockey and not diving they could have led the Vancouver Canucks to their first Stanley Cup Championship.

Sportmentary is going to take a wait and see approach with the Sendins. We're eager to see if these two divers will win the award after this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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