Friday, February 24, 2012

Baseball Arbitrator is a Sham

Baseball Arbitrator Shyam "I am a Sham" Das is a disgrace to the sporting world. Yesterday a three member arbitration panel overturned Major League Baseball (MLB) player Ryan Braun's suspension for using performance enhancing drugs.

The three member panel has both a MLB and a MLBPA representative as well as an independent member. The MLB and MLBA usually split their votes, leaving the ultimate decision to the incompetent member Shyam Das.

It's being reported that "The Sham" Shyam Das ruling is based on a technicality about how the urine sample was transported and that it technically violated protocol. Experts have stated that the sample was not and could not be tainted or compromised.

A reasonable and decent human being would conclude that Braun was guilty of cheating and his suspension should have been upheld. Only an idiot would buy into the Braun's defense. Keep in mind that it's nearly impossible to win an appeal of this kind. A player would normally have to provide some evidence to prove his innocence. Braun couldn't do that.

I wonder if  Das was on the OJ jury? Remember in that case OJ's defense argued that LA police officers mishandled blood samples because they didn't technically follow transportation protocol. While most experts said that the defense was barking up a tree, the moronic OJ jury bought into that claim and others.

It seems as if "The Sham" Das went to the same educational institution as those morons. This guy is a disgrace to sports. How can such a person be on an important panel as this arbitration panel? It seems as if he doesn't have the education or mental capacity to understand the science behind this case.

I hope that Major League Baseball has the authority to replace this arbitrator with a competent and educated person. The panel is in need of a decent person, a moral person and a reasonable person. It's obvious to Sportmentary that Shyam Das is sham and Fraud!

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