Friday, February 10, 2012

Was Ron Gronkowski Auditioning for Dancing With the Stars?

This week, New England Patriots Tight End Ron Gronkowski took a lot of heat and criticism after video footage showed him partying and dancing up a storm at Patriots post Super Bowl party.  Gronkowski was dancing with his shirt off as and seemed to be having lots of fun

In the weeks leading up to the super Bowl, Grownkowski had claimed that he had a high ankle sprain.  His practicies wefre limited during Super Bowl week and it sure looked like his injury played a roll in his innefective and linited play during the game. Gronkowski definitley had more moves on the dance floor than he did on the field during the Super Bowl. He also looke dhealthy and mobile. The same couldn't be said during Super Bowl XLVI.

Sportmentary is also questioning Gronkowski's lack of judgement and immature behavior. Sportmentary feels he should have spent more time preparing for the big game. It's obvious he had no trouble moving around the dance floor. I'm sure Tom Brady would have liked to see him dancing around the field in the same manner as he did on the dance floor.

Rob Gronkowski 2011 Portrait PlusGronkowski had  a chance of making a miraculous play on the last play of the game, a Hail Mary pass by Tom Brady that was deflected by the Giants in the end zone.  Grownkowski shouldn't be blamed that he couldn't come up with he catch as he was a couple of feet away from making a legitimate play and no one thought that he could actually dive for the play, given the fact the he was injured.

Watching him prance around the dance floor half nude, maybe he could have done what ever it took to make a play. Gronkowski was a pivotal part of the Patriots offense all season and during the playoff run. Who knows what would have happened had Gronkoski been 100%.

Given all the facts, Sportmentary asks this question. Was Gronkowski Auditioning for Dancing With the Stars? It sure looked that way.  Maybe Gronkowski had the hit show on his mind all week and was preparing for the post-game party for his audition.  Now in Gronkowski's defense he thought it would be a victory celebration.

Tom Brady spent the night in heart break that probably will last a few months.  His teammate on the other hand was dancing.  While Brady was deflated, considering what could have been.  His teemmate was dancing like a Chippendale dancer.

Once again I pose this question.  Was Ron Gronkowski Auditioning for Dancing With the Stars?'  I'm not sure but there doesn't seem to be any other explanation for his actions, except for the possibility he was also auditioning for the next Jockey ad.

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