Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Albert Pujols Embraces History of the Game

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, CA - December 10: Newly Signed Albert PujolsIt's nice to see when a professional athlete embraces the history of their sport. Albert Pujols who was recently traded from the St. Louis Cardinals to the Los Angeles Angels is that type of player. A minor controversy occurred in Los Anglese recently, when the team used his image and the phrase "El Hombre" to market their new player and the team on billboards throughout the Los Angeles area.. EL Hombre means, I am the man.

The Angels never consulted with Pujols about how he felt about their marketing campaign. Pujols had rejected a similar effort by the Cardinals when he was on their team. Why? Pujols feels it disrespects one of the Cardinals greatest players, Stan Musial. In Albert's mind, Musial is the man.

While Pujols is receiving some criticism for his objection to the term, Sportmentary applauds him. It's nice to see that he respects the game and those who came before him. Musial was a great player and it was easy to see why he objected to the use of that phrase while he was still a Cardinal.

His critics are now saying that he's with a different team and he shouldn't be upset. That's nonsense. Why should Pujols stop respecting his idol? Why should he let it go, just because he's with a new team? He shouldn't. That's what loyalty and true sportsmanship is about.

I tip my hat off to Pujols. I also think the Angels should have approached him before putting up billboards all over Los Angeles. It would have saved them a lot of money and potential embarrassment. The team has decided to suspend further marketing of this failed campaign.

I only hope that fans will understand that Pujols wasn't being selfish in this case. He was respecting a baseball legend. We often here about selfish players who are all about their own personal fame and fortune. Most players would have embraced the campaign, while beating their chests in admiration of the title bestowed to them. Pujols never did that. Pujols remained true to his beliefs and convictions. Bravo! Bravo!

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