Thursday, January 26, 2012

Which Minnesota Professional Sports Team Has The Best Future? has been asking itself, which Minnesota professional sports team has the best future?  This is a tough question to answer, since all the teams suck.  It comes down to which one sucks the least.
Let's take a look at the dreaded teams.

Minnesota Twins - The Twins are coming off one of the worst seasons in their history.  They not only sucked last year but seemed to give up down the stretch.  The two M's in Mauer and Morneau were disappointing last year.  In fact Mauer seemed to provide useless excuses as to why he said he was injured.

Then there's the fact that the Twins have the stingiest ownership in major sports.  Their billionaire ownership can't muster two cents together to put a quality product on the field. is annoyed with their ownership.  The state helped build them a state of the art baseball stadium but the team refuses to spend money and put a quality product on the field.

The team will suck for at least 3 more seasons.  There only hope is that a few quality players come up through their system and help make them a divisional winner.  Then those players will leave for a team willing to pay them more money.

The fans must stop going to Twins games until the team's ownership does its part!

Minnesota Vikings - They're another disaster.  It will take a few high quality draft picks to make this team a winner.  They finished with the third worst record in the NFL. predicts three more years before the team team can challenge for a playoff spot.

The unfortunate part is that this team might be in Los Angeles by the time the team is a winner again.  The state's government is made up of a bunch of clowns and nothing seems to be moving in the right direction as far as a new stadium is concerned.  So it's likely that the next time the Vikings are winning is when they are in a  different city with a different name!

Minnesota Wild - Sportmentary believes that the Wild will barely miss the playoffs this season.  The one bright spot seems to be the players that the team has had to bring up from Houston.  These players have impressed Sportmentary. also believes that head coach Mike Yeo is the right man to help the Wild build a winning product on the ice.

All in all, the future looks positive in the state of hockey for the Wild!

Minnesota Timberwolves - The Timberwolves are the biggest surprise to Minnesota sports fans.  This team has two promising players in Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love.  These players will provide the backbone for the team and if the team David Kahn and can do his part by building a winning product around them, this team has a great future.

Sportmentary is disappointed with the Timberwolves for not signing Love to a  5 year deal.  They have to do their part in buildign building a winner or Love will be history in three years.

Look for the Timberwolves to make the palyoffs next season.

So it looks like the Timberwolves have the best future.  They have two promising stars, they're starting to win again and at their fan base seems to be energized!  It looks likely the 2012/13 season will be a fun one for the team and their fans.

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