Monday, January 16, 2012

Melted Cheese at Lambeau Field

If you're like me you like melted cheese, especially when it's made Green Bay style in a crushing loss at the hands of the New York Giants.  The Giants grilled the cheese at Lambeau Field. At times they fried it too much.  In  the end, a defeated and pompous team was left to ask why it happened.

Sportmentary gets annoyed at the Packers and their obnoxious fans. Tonight all we can do is laugh!  They talk trash against every team in the league until their team loses.  Now their fans are blaming Aaron Rogers.  Wake up you morons.  It wasn't Rogers fault. His receivers can't catch the ball.  Your team's defense is one of the worst in NFL history.  It was ranked #32 and statistically they are one of the worst we've ever seen.

Packers fans  are now saying interception record holder Brett Favre is better than Rogers. Give me a break.  Rogers threw one interception.  Favre would have thrown 5. The Giants were too good today. They dominated the Packers and enjoyed eating melted cheese.

The refs tried their best to help the Packers but the Giants were too good. But for two blown calls by cheating refs, the Giants would have won 42-6. They humiliated the Packers and their fans. One of the only disappointments Sportmentary has with this game is that Fox Sports didn't show enough footage of Packers fans crying on their way out of the stadium. It would have been a beautiful and fitting site.

Being a Vikings fan today is actually better than being a melted Cheese fan. Why? Our team sucked and had already disappointed us.  The Packers were favored to win the Super Bowl. They came into the game 15-1 with one of the greatest REGULAR season offenses in history. The Packers choked!

In all fairness and kidding aside, thinks the death of one of their coaches sons was too much for the Packers to handle. That's not an excuse but it would make sense.  Football teams are like families. They are a close knit group of guys. The pain had to be too much to handle!

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