Monday, January 23, 2012

Jim Harbaugh is Classless

Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers is a classless person. Many people in the media think he's a thug and has no class. thinks Harbaugh is not only classless but jerk. Why do we think that? Harbaugh's actions this season show that he is not only a poor winner but a an extremely poor loser.

Harbaugh acts more like a two year old than a head coach of an NFL team. Earlier this season, Harbaugh shoved Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz as they met at mid field following a 49ers victory. Harbaugh acted as if Schwartz was insignificant and not worthy of the hand shake that usually follows an NFL game.

If this were the only incident, we could forgive Harbaugh but Sunday's loss to the Giants showed an even uglier side to this freak of nature. Following his team's loss to the Giants, Harbaugh grazed the hands of head coach Tom Coughlin and rushed off the field. To those who watch the game, we were left thinking what's up with this classles classless person?

To top off his immature behavior, Harbaugh refused a post game interview. isn't sure when the last time a losing coach refused the post game interview. This is an embarassment to the 49ers organizationa nd the NFL. This is an act of a Jerk. Sportmentary does not feel that his actions are what an NFL team should expect.

A head coach is supposed to lead by example. Harbaugh showed his players that they can act like babies when they face adversity or lose a big game. He showed his players that you should sulk when you lose and act alike a two year old. Harbaugh's actions were a disgrace to the game.

A mature person would have addressed the media and also provided his team with a good message. He could have shown his team that they should take the loss like men. He should have told them to learn from the loss and work to do better next year.

Instead he showed the team how to act like victims and act like morons after a loss. Harbaugh is jerk and a really classless man. It looks like all his family's class went to his brother John. John Harbaugh who is coach of the Baltimore Ravens showed class after his team's heartbreaking loss. He addressed the media like an adult.

Jim needs to learn from his brother. He needs to learn how to become an adult and not act like child. Do we think he has it in him to gorw up?  Not a chance. Jim Harbaugh is an idiot and has no class.

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