Monday, January 16, 2012

How Do You Choke in the NFL Playoffs? asks, how do you choke in the NFL playoffs? You play like the Green Bay Packers! woke up this morning in a great mood. Why? Because the Green Bay Packers were humiliated on their home turf at Lambeau field by 8 point underdogs.

The Packers at 15-1 and almost unbeatable during the regular season were overwhelming favorites to win their divisional playoff game against the Giants and to eventually win the Super Bowl. All season we heard how great their offense was. We heard Packers fans gloating about their team. No Packers fan could see this coming!

The Packers are the only 15 win team in NFL history to lose a divisional playoff game. That's embarrassing!  In recent years the Packers have found Lambeau a curse. The Giants have humiliated the Packers twice in the past 6 years at Lambeau. It seems as if Eli Manning welcomes Wisconsin temperatures, while Packers QBs wilt in the tundra of Lambeau.

I think Aaron "the actor" Rogers should have spent more time thinking about football than doing his discount double check. Sorry Aaron, you're not going to be a Hollywood star. In fact, Packers fans are so disgusted with your team's performance, they're willing to throw you to the wolves.

Rogers is a great QB but he faced a tough opponent yesterday. The Giants came prepared to help the Packers choke. I think Rogers heard a lot of choking coming from the stands at Lambeau.  He also heard a lot of rumbling, fumbling and crying.

It was a beautiful scene after the Packers humiliating choke at home. The stands cleared quickly and all that was left was to see were Packers players looking dazed and confused. loved every moment of those scenes.

It's great to know that Packers players will be doing the same thing as Vikings players next Sunday. They will be sitting on their duff watching the playoffs. The Packers will be asking a lot of questions in the next few months. They will  be looking into why a 15-1 team with one of the greatest offenses in the history of the NFL could choke at home and get destroyed by the Giants.

So when you ask yourselves, how do you choke in the NFL playoffs. The answer is you play like the Green Bay Packers!

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