Friday, January 27, 2012

Does the Media in Minnesota Respect Women's Hockey? asks, Does the media in Minnesota respect Women's Hockey?  Let's take a look at recent events.

Last Saturday in the Twin Cities was Hockey Day Minnesota.  Fox Sports North televised a local men's high school hockey game, a Minnesota Golden Gophers men's college game and an NHL Minnesota Wild game.  The network dedicated the day to Minnesota high school hockey player Jack Jablonski  who was paralyzed in a high school game a few weeks ago.  The network even had a mega fundraiser throughout the day for Jack.

Don't get me wrong, it was a great tribute to a tragic event for Jack Jablonski. So what was missing in Sprotmentay's mind?  Women.  Women and Women. Minnesota is arguably the greatest state of hockey in the nation.  Fox Sports North hails the strides made by women by both the network and the state.

That is complete and utter garbage.  How does the network recognize women hockey players in the state?  They televised a taped game from earlier in the day at 11:00 PM at night when everyone went to bed.  Way to play tribute to the valued women hockey players of the state.

If Fox Sports wants to really showcase the women's game, they might think of televising a live women's high school game next year.  How about televising a live Minnesota Women's Golden Gophers game?  That will never be done as it probably doesn't bring in the ratings.  That's what it's all about for the network. Forget the nostalgia of featuring hockey for the true love of the game.  It's about the network making money.

There was another glaring omission in last week's event.  One week after Jablonski was injured, a high school hockey player by the name of Jenna Privette was paralyzed in a women's high school hockey game.  If I were her parents I would have felt that both the state and Fox Sports snubbed her. Sportmentary  believes the network could have dedicated the day to her as well.  They could have also had a fundraiser if anyone cared about female athletes in this state.

As a father of a girl, how can I ever explain to her why Women's hockey plays second fiddle to the men's game?  Do I tell her that male hockey players are better, have more talent and that the women's game is a joke?

Of course not.  The only way for the women's game to improve is by giving women in this state the same respect and time that male athletes have received for decades.  In a modern world where women are supposed to have equal rights, women's hockey in Minnesota is still stuck in the dark ages.

I pray for the day where my daughter will grow up in a state where a network will be proud to showcase the women's game in prime time.  Until that time, women will be second class athletes and will continue to wonder if the media in Minnesota respects women's hockey.

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