Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brad Childress and His "Kick Ass Offense" Heads to Cleveland

Unfortunately for Cleveland Browns fans they have to endure more madness and a terrible product on the field as Brad Childress and his self described "Kick Ass Offense" heads to Cleveland.  As a Vikings fan I had to endure the craziness of the Childress era in Minnesota.

Vikings players could never relate to this clown and he wasn't a hands on coach as far as his communications with the team were concerned.  In fact, Childress left personal communications with his players up to the position coaches.  This is hardly the type of guy the Browns need to head their offense.

Childress had no clue about player development or how to run an offense.  In fact the Vikings offense was terrible until Brett Favre came to town.  Then for one year the offense was great as Favre refused to listen Childress and ran the offense how he saw fit.  That's when results occurred.

In fact, in the last year of the Childress era in Minnesota, there was basically a mutiny against him.  Players couldn't stand him and he looked like a clueless ape on the sidelines.  Childress often looked dazed and confused on the sidelines.  In fact his inept play calling couldn't have been more evident than in the NFC title game against the Saints in 2010.

With the clock winding down in the NFC championship and the Vikings in field goal range (Barely), Childress decided to change a play as his team took the field on a 3rd down play.  This confused his players and as a result, the Vikings were called for too many men in the huddle.  On the next play, Favre threw an interception and the Saints beat the Vikings in OT.

If Childress had a clue, he would have realized that it was too late to change the play but he's an idiot and the Vikings golden opportunity slipped away.  To illustrate what an Oxymoron Brad Childress's "Kick Ass Offense was, Minnesota radio station KFAN ( recently had a segment where they were mocking the "Kick Ass Offense" of Brad Childress.  There were 30 audio clips of offensive plays during the Childress era.  Each one made me laugh but in reality it was pathetic.

The hiring of Childress to run the Browns offense is a joke and offensive.  If I were a Browns fan, I would be shaking my head and be disgusted.  Cleveland fans are in desperate need for a winner in their city.  Unfortunately Bozo the Clown and his "Kick Ass Offense" will drag the city into despair.

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