Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Week 14 Picks  has posted our 5 picks for week 14.  As results are made available we will post an update (Marked in Red).

Snoozer of the Week - Tampa Bay at Jacksonville. This has to be one of the most boring match-ups of the year.  Two putrid teams with terrible QBs face off.  We wonder when the first 1st down will occur.  We think it will occur near the end of the 1st quarter. Tampa Bay wins 9-6 in this boring affair.
Jacksonville won 41-14.

Upset in the Making of the Week - Atlanta at Carolina.  Carolina wins 35-28  Conventional wisdom tells us to pick Atlanta who is fighting to make the playoffs.  The match-up should be competitive and exciting.  The edge goes to the Panthers.
Atlanta won a close one 31-23.

Wild Card of the Week - St. Louis at Seattle.  Seattle wins 24-17.  This game should be close as both teams aren't good.  We think Seattle will win.  They've been playing better lately.
Seattle won 30-13.

Lock of the Week - Oakland at Green Bay.  Green Bay wins 48-14.  Nobody can stop Aaron Rogers and the Pack, especially the penalty ridden Raiders.  Now the Raiders have to go and play in the tundra against the best regular season club that we've seen in 20 years!
Green Bay won 46-16.

Game of the Week - NY Giants at Dallas.  NY Giants win 27-24. Eli Manning has played well this year, especially in the past few games.  He's put his team in a position to win games but the Giants defense has given up big plays and lots of points.  Tony Romo has bee pretty good but his team has played in heart stopping affairs.  The games they win have been by lucky occurrences and the same can be said about their losses.  They have a coach who's second guessing himself and Romo.  Look for the negative impact of last week's loss to Arizona to spill into this week.  The Giants will take advantage by winning a close one.
Giants won 37-34.

That's it for our picks for week #14.  Let us know what you think.

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