Tuesday, December 13, 2011

QB Ratings for Week #14 - Top 5

Sportmentary.com has released its QB ratings for week 14.  This week saw the battle for the #2 spot change again.  Everything else remained the same.  We receive our stats from NFL.com.

1) Aaron "Enough Said" Rogers (No change from last week) - Unless Aaron Rogers loses the next three games in awful fashion there's no way he will move from his #1 spot.   Aaron Rogers has thrown for 39 TDs (Most in the NFL) and only 6 INTs. Rogers has thrown for 4,125 yards and has a QB rating of 123.3, the highest in the NFL.  His completion percentage of 69.6 is the highest in the NFL.  It's the first time in a number of weeks that Rogers doesn't have a completion percentage over 70%.  Rogers is 13-0 and Sportmentary.com doesn't see how the Packers will finish anything less that 16-0 for the regular season.

Tom "I'm Back at #2" Brady (Rated #3 last week) - Brady didn't start the game well but he ended up with good numbers and a win. His numbers were a little bit better than Brees.
Brady has  thrown for 33 TDs and 11 INTs.  He has a pass completion percentage of 66.1% (3rd highest in the NFL) and has a QB rating of 106.0 (2nd highest in the NFL).  Brady has thrown for 4,273 yards (2nd most in NFL). That's 328.7 yards per game.

3) Drew "I Hate Bouncing Around in the Ratings" Brees (Rated #2 last week) - Was kept in check most of the day but he put together a good 4th quarter for the win. Brees has thrown 32 TDs and 11 INTs for a league leading 4,368 yards (That's 336 yards per game) and he has a 70.9 pass completion percentage (1st in the NFL).  His QB rating is 105.9.

Eli "Another 4ht Quarter Comeback" Manning (No changes from last week). Manning engineered another 4th quarter come from behind victory.  Manning threw for 400 yards on Sunday.  Manning has had a career year and is playing really well.  He's thrown 25 TDs with 12 INTs for 4,105 yards and a 62.0 pass completion percentage.  He has a QB rating of 95.5.  

5) Ben
 "I Can Play With One Foot" Roethlisberger (Rated #5) - Big Ben is an iron man.  He was hurt in the first half and it looked like he wouldn't return.  Not only did he return but he won the game.  He's thrown 21 TDs and 11 INTs for 3,526 yards and a 64.3 pass completion percentage.  He has a QB rating of 95.6.

Just missing the cut:  Tony Romo.  Romo played well for most of the game on Sunday against the Giants but with a chance to seal the game late in the 4th quarter he couldn't connect on crucial pass.  The guy was wide open.

There you have it.  Sportmentary.com's QB ranking for the end of week #14.  Let us know what you think.  Did we miss a QB or would you have ranked the top 5 differently?  We're eager to find out your opinions!

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