Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NHL Does a Good Job With Realignment

The NHL is used to criticism but on Tuesday they got something right.  The NHL Board of Governors approved a realignment plan that will see a radical change to the existing structure.  Click Here for a breakdown of the 4 new conferences.

You read the above paragraph correctly.  The NHL moved from a six division, 2 conference format to a 4 conference format.  The top 4 teams in each conference will make the playoffs.  The realignment was constructed based on the geographic location of the teams.

Most teams will like this new structure.  Teams should have less travel time and their games will be played within their time zone, making it easier for younger fans to watch more games and become loyal to their teams.  Sportmentary.com loves the new conference that the Winnipeg Jets will play in.  They will be grouped with Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis.

Sportmentary is amazed that the NHL pulled this off and got it right.  They get so many things wrong but somehow pulled their heads of their dark caves and came away with a workable solution that will make their teams happy.

The only thing left for the NHL to do now is to name the divisions.  Sportmentary.com is hoping that the NHL returns to historic names:
Norris, Smythe, Adams and Patrick.

Actually that's not the only thing left to be done.  The NHLPA has to ratify the realignment plan.  Sportmentary is confident that they will.  It's in their best interest to ratify the plan.

While the NHL probably will not return to historic names for the new conferences at least they go the realignment done correctly.

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