Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Case for Joe Webb

From the mid-point of this 2011 campaign, Vikings fans and experts believed that the QB of the future for the Minnesota Vikings was Christian Ponder.  In  the past few games, Joe Webb has had a chance of showcasing his skills and feels a case for Joe Webb as the QB of the future can be made.

Joe was absolutely great in the second half for the Vikings, throwing two TDs and running in for a 3rd.  His passes were accurate and he was able to move the offense down the field drive after drive.  This came after both Ponder and Peterson were injured in the third quarter.

While the Redskins suck and both their offense and defense took idiotic penalties, the Vikings looked good.  It might have been the best offensive performance of the year.  This came from a QB who takes less snaps than Ponder in practice and had come into a close contest with the game on the line.

Webb came in for Ponder in relief a couple of games ago.  While Ponder had struggled with turnovers, Webb showcased his skills.  He is mobile and an accurate passer.  He looks comfortable in the pocket. feels that Joe Webb should be seriously considered as the future of the club.

Sportmentary is not ready to give up on Ponder but if the Vikings finish with the first or second pick in the 2012 NFL draft, they could go for a QB that is expected to be a successful QB in the NFL.  That would leave one more spot in our mind and Webb could be the right choice.

Even in Ponder is able to start next week (He suffered a concussion in today's game), they should consider starting Webb.  Let's see what the kid has during a 60 minute affair. would like to see more of Webb.  He's an exciting player to watch and seems to have the skills necessary to be successful in the NFL.

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