Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tim "I Just Win Baby" Tebow

Tim "I Just Win" Tebow doesn't make it look pretty.  He wins ugly games but he finds a way to lead his team to game winning drives and mostly with his legs.

Tonight in Denver with about 5 minutes to play and having to go 95 yards, he made Rex "I'm a Rude Man" Ryan's Jets look like a Pop Warner football team.  Actually that's insult to Pop Warner players who are respectful and nice kids.

Tebow usually only needs about a few plays to burn you but tonight he drove 95 yards and made a couple of passes and then used his legs to crush the Jets defense.  Tebow  embarrassed Rex Ryan's team.  This should never have happened. doesn't care that it looks ugly.  Sprotmentary couldn't care that Tebow isn't like other rookie QBs who are lighting it up in the air.  All Sportmentary cares about is that he's winning.  He's winning.  He's always had winning in his veins.  As we said, he's a winner.  Ryan and the Jets on the other hand aren't winning.  They're LOSING.

Tonight Mark "Sancheesy" Sanchez threw a pick six that gave Tebow and his Broncos a chance to win this game.  Did Sprotmentary say that Tim Tebow ran the ball down the throats of Rex Ryan's defense?  Did we say he made Mark "Sancheesy" Sanchez look like an amateur?  We are now!

Tim Tebow is finding a way to win.  I believe the mechanics in his throwing game will improve with time.  That can be coached and taught.  You can't teach a player to win.  Winning is all any coach should care about.  The Broncos weren't winning prior to Tebow taking over from Orton.

Tebow has won in dramatic fashion.  Some how, some way he comes up with big plays.  I guess you only need a few plays to win games and score TDs.  Tebow does that.
What's amazing is that Rex "I'm a Loud Mouth Punk" Ryan's defense knew Tebow was struggling in the passing game, yet they allowed him to run down their throats and break their backs. isn't a fan of  Rex Ryan.  We think he's an arrogant and rude man.  We loved seeing him choke on the sideline.  We can only hope he runs into more Tebows in the remainder of the season!

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