Saturday, November 19, 2011 Week 11 NFL Picks  decided to start prognosticating NFL picks on a weekly basis for a visitors.  Our weekly QB ratings has taken off and we feel that our visitors will enjoy our take on weekly picks.  We're only going to pick 5 games.  As results are made available will post an update (Marked in Red)

Snoozer of the Week - Don't fall asleep watching this snoozer.  Unfortunately we will have to follow this one.  This was a tough one to choose, since their are two likely games that are candidates.  The Jacksonville/Cleveland game was edged out by the Seattle vs. St. Louis game.  Seattle wins 24-7.

Both teams suck and are boring to watch.  In the end the TJack led Seahawks will be nudged out by the Rams in a 9-6 snooze fest.

Upset in the Making of the Week - This pick is a up in the air but is going to give it a shot anyway.  Tennessee defeats Atlanta 20-13 in a very close game.  Atlanta wins 23-17.

Wild Card of the Week - This pick is a up in the air but is going to give it a shot anyway.  Jacksonville defeats Cleveland 15-12. Cleveland defeats Jacksonville 14-10.  You see why this was a Wild Card game?

Lock of the Week - At this point any game featuring the Packers is a lock for Green Bay to win.  Green Bay wins 48-7.  Aaron Rogers throws for over 350 yards and 5 TDs.  Green Bay defeats Tampa Bay 35-26.  Rogers had 3 TDS and 299 yards passing.

Game of the Week - San Diego Vs. Chicago.  the Bears are on the upswing and the Chargers are reeling.  This game can set the Bears on track for a Wild Card birth and the Chargers on the outside looking in.
Chicago defeats the Chargers 27-17.  Chicago defeats the Chargers 31-20.

So there's our picks.  This is a tough week and who knows how we'll do.

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