Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sidney "I'm Injured Again" Rice

Sidney "I'm Injured Again" Rice will miss his third game of the season.  Rice is OK when he plays, the emphasis being on the "when".

Sidney is a liability to his team.  If you can't play, you can't help your team win.  This guy has had multiple injuries in 2 seasons.  The first coming when he was a Viking and now he's had two injuries in Seattle.

It's a joke and well deserved for Seattle who took a chance on 28th ranked Tarvaris Jackson.  Jackson is terrible and Seattle is now finding out why they gave up on the guy.  Sidney "The Joke" Rice was supposed to play a key role in providing a scoring punch for Jackson.  The problem with Rice is that there's been no "play" out of him.

Rice is ranked #50 among active receivers ( is sure that's not what Seattle bargained for at the beginning of the season.  The only problem is that head coach Pete Caroll has his head so far up is Culo that he can't see the big picture or the light of day.

It's a comedy of bafoons in Seatlle.  They have one comedy act after another.  Unfortunately for the fans, they have to suffer the circus act of Rice, Jackson and Caroll.

Maybe next year, Rice will play a whole season and earn his pay.  Right now, Rice is a clown and a complete and utter disaster.  Everyone should have seen this coming.  Rice has and will always be an underachiever.  If he's not hurt, he will be stinking up the field with his play.

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