Monday, November 21, 2011

Sidney "I'm Back" Crosby

Boy is Sidney Crosby back and in a big way.  It seemed like the greatest player in the world played for 23 minutes, since he had 2 goals and 2 assists.  Those 4 points came in just under 16 minutes of ice time by the "kid".  The Penguins won 5-0.

One thing we've come to expect from this great player is that he can score and win.  We saw him win big time against team USA at the Vancouver Olympics.  He has that scoring touch.  He's a joy to watch. is excited he's back and really happy he came back in a big way.

Sidney Crosby Autographed 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey 8x10 PhotoIt's been over 10 months since Sidney played a game.  We should expect him to be a little rusty.  We should be patient with him and not be too hard on him that he only got 4 pints in his first game in 10 months.  The greatness will return and then he'll score 5 goals a game.

All kidding a side.  Could we have expected a greater return?  Of course not.  Before his return I thought he was the greatest player in the game.  I don't know why we even mention Alex.  How many cups does Alex have?  How many gold medals?

Enough said.  Now that the best player in the world has returned we will see a true star play the game.  What makes Crosby a joy is that he's a great leader and he has a great work ethic?  Many experts thought he would never return.  Well he proved them wrong.

I'm sure Alex has a good work ethic as well but there's something about that guy that rubs Sportmentary the wrong way. Maybe it's the fact that he acted like such a baby and a jerk after team Canada throttled his team in the Olympics.

It was awesome to see Crosby defeat Alex in Vancouver.  It put a smile on Sportmentary's face.  Now Sportmentary has another smile on its face after his amazing return to the greatest sport on earth.

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