Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ndamukong "I'm a Dirty Thug Player" Suh

Read out latest Ndamukong Suh article.

Ndamukong "I'm a Dirty Thug Player" Suh is a disgrace to the NFL.  This goon has made a name for himself by trying to injure players, even when they're in a  defenseless position.  Suh found himself in another dirty incident on thursday after he pounded Green Bay Packers player Evan Dietrich-Smith into the ground three times and then stomped him.  Suh was ejected from the game and later he tried to shed light on the incident (ESPN).

This bonehead disrespects the game and his fellow players.  His actions are getting worse and more serious by the game. believes he will seriously injure a player if he's not stopped.  It seems as if this goon has anger management issues.  The problem is that he's playing a physical sport where injuries occur naturally.  Now you add into the mix a very dirty player who is trying to seriously injure defenceless players.

Suh needs to be forced out of the game.  My initial feelings is that he should be banned for life but that may be too extreme.  So I recommend that he receive a 16 game suspension (to include the playoffs if applicable).  I feel that in order for him to be reinstated he needs to enter into an anger management program.  Doctors will need to verify that he's safe to return to play before the NFL lifts his ban.  Suh should also be fined $500,000.

If the NFL fails to send a strong message and a lengthy suspension, then they will be negligent in their duty to protect NFL players.  As mentioned above, Sportmentary believes that Suh is going to seriously injure a player.  If nothing is done to prevent this, then the NFL should be held responsible for any injuries that result from its inaction.

Suh is a disgrace to the NFL and sports.  The Lions should also take a stand and drop this punk.  He's a joke of a human being.  He's no different from any other thug.

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